BC Mobile

Keep your asset status information up-to-date in MET/CAL while on-the-move with BC Mobile

BC Mobile is a METDaemon based browser product from On Time Support designed to use existing Barcode Magician Action Codes.  BC Mobile can be deployed on a variety of web browsers allowing  users to more easily access  the Fluke MET/TRACK database without the typical installation process.  BC Mobile  automates repetitive database entry tasks such as checking in/out equipment, or changing equipment status simply and consistently for quantities of assets by entering an Action Code.  This Action Code can be manually entered at a keyboard but accuracy and simplicity are improved by using barcode scanner to read preprinted action code labels. (See Laser Scanners and Label Printers available from On Time Support.)Magician Pointing

BC Mobile utilizes the existing Barcode Magician 1.7.1 (BCM) Plus installation.  It is very easy to add BC Mobile to the existing system, allowing a mix and match configuration.  Most of the BCM 1.7.1 Run Time functionality is supported, including limited support for portable Android devices using the Chrome Web Browser.

The image below shows the BC Mobile Run Time with the instrument picture displayed.  There is also a debug feature that displays each step in the Action Code as it is executed, allowing for a step by step troubleshooting process.  Multiple BC Mobile URL's can be created for different groups and allows for langauge support and additional customization, such as animation and custom backgrounds.

BC Mobile run Time

BC Mobile Run Time Screen


The matrix shown below provides a comparison of Barcode Magician and BC Mobile features.  BC Mobile is a METDaemon based web product and utilizes functions provided by the METDaemon.

 Barcode Magician / BC Mobile Features

 Barcode Magician / BC Mobile Feature Matrix

 Typical Usage for BC Mobile

BC Mobile provides a simple, easy to use interface that allows your calibration technicians and instrument custodians a way to update your Fluke MET/CAL database quickly and efficiently while at the same time drastically reducing data entry errors and substantially increasing productivity. By using a barcode scanner in conjunction with this software, you can automate such tasks as:


  • Checking in/out equipment from a tool crib or instrument impound area.
  • Updating in-process status descriptors. 
  • Changing location and association of assets. 
  • Accepting instrumentation for repair work.
  • Virtually any database function except for adding inventory records, calibration records and repair records.
  • Batch calibration feature
  • Work order numbering

BC Mobile Licensing Options

BC Mobile has two licensing modes.

  1. Existing Barcode Magician 1.7.1 licenses can be shared between Barcode Magician Run Time and BC Mobile.  An existing Barcode Magician license can only be used by either application at one time.  This provides an inexpensive option to use existing BCM licenses.
  2. A dedicated BC License can be purchased and existing BCM licenses will not be used with this option.

You can have both licensing options also.  If both options are used, the dedicated license will be utlizied before the shared BCM licenses are used.  The screen display below shows an example configuration from the METDaemon license manager.  The Dedicated / Exclusive licenses are shown below, along with the shared BCM licenses.  A license is used when the BC Mobile application is loaded in the web browser and is released when the web browser is closed.  Part numbers are listed in the ordering section of this page.  Click here for more information regarding the BC Mobile licensing.

BC Mobile License Model

BC Mobile License Display in the METDaemon Admin Program

Vertical Tabs

Product Demo

Demos are available

  • You must have a METDaemon 1.0.265 version or higher.  If you have a METDaemon with a lower version, you will have to upgrade the current METDaemon which may incur an upgrade cost.
  • If you do not have a METDaemon, you can obtain a METDaemon demo license from On Time Support.  You must have a Barcode Magician 1.7.1 installation to create the Action Codes in order to use BC Mobile,

There is an on line demo available at:



  1. When you click on the link, the program will prompt for a user name.  There are a few availble.  They are OTS, OTS1, OTS2, OTS3.
  2. The Action Code prompt is next.  You can select CHECKOUT or RETURNED
  3. The next prompt will be for the Asset numbers.  Assets to use are SAMPLE-87, SAMPLE-12, and SAMPLE-10.  If tyou select the CHECKOUT Action code and the instrument is already checked out, you will get a messgae that states the instrument must be RETURNED first.  If you selected the RETURNED Action Code and the instrument has already been returned, then you will get a message stating that the instrument must be checked out first.  The purpose of this is to demonstrate how Action Codes will keep the data consistent and this eliminates errors.
  4. After the instruments are entered, seelct Process List and the instruments will be processed.

Barcode Magician is a very powerful product and it have many capabilities and can add/update any tables or fields in the database.

If you want to see what was updated, you can log into Metrology Xplorer 2 at http://metex-demos.ontimesupport-inc.com/webapps/METx2/.

  • Log in with the user id as ots and the password as ots.  Seatch on one of the instruments, such as Sample-87.  If you checked out an in instrument, you will see that a new location reocrd was created.  If there are any questions regarding the demo or any other questions regarding any of our products, please contact us.