Save Time and Money!

The FAST/TRACK support plan from On Time Support, Inc.® is designed to provide software updates and support for On Time Support standard off the shelf software products for one year.   Products included are:

  • Barcode Magician
  • Change/Log
  • EMail Notification
  • Metrology Xplorer 1
  • Metrology Xplorer 2
  • Process/Track
  • Remote Pipeline

Includes the following:

  • Software updates on any OTS Standard off the shelf product as they are released.  OTS will notify the customer in writing and/or via email.
  • On line support is available through VNC to help resolve issues such as installation or configuration
    issues.  This service will require the customer's IT support to provide a portal so that we can access
    the system in question.
  • OTS will provide assistance with SQL and Crystal Reports as they pertain to OTS products only, for example BCM and Email Notification.
  • 15% Training Discounts on scheduled OTS classes.
  • Pricing is based on the total number of OTS software license seats.

Support Plan Options:

Customers can purchase an on site option with the FAST/TRACK Plan.  By purchasing on site work as part
of   this   plan,   the   customer   can   schedule   training,   installation,   SQL/Crystal   report   writing,  MET/CAL
procedure writing, or any other service pertaining to On Time Support products and save approximately
20% off   the normally quoted on site work.    This  is a great  way  to get  refresher  training and  learn new
methods that have been developed.  If you want to save time, there are two options.

Option 1:

  • 3 Days on site at any time with at least a 4 week notice.

Option 2:

  • 5 Days on site at any time with at least a 4 week notice.

Option 3:

  • Remote Database monitoring. This option provides the customer a remote monitor from the OTS office. OTS can manage your database remotely and make changes as requirements change. We know how to tune the Met/Track Database. If you do not have time to learn report writing, SQL query language, or any of the database products, this is a valuable time saver. Just call On Time Support when you need help and we fix it. This option will require remote access to your system and will require approval from your IT department. Troubleshooting MET/CAL procedures is not included.

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