Metrology Xplorer® - 1

Metrology Xplorer 1 expands MET/TRACK's capabilities by allowing your customers to query the status of their instruments using an ordinary web browser. They can also print selected reports (both SQL Reports and Crystal Reports) through the same web interface.

If your lab is a current user of MET/TRACK®, you already know that it is an extremely capable and popular instrument management package. It is relied on by calibration laboratories around the world. It provides data input screens, asset status query screens and a range of printed reports to manage instruments and communicate the status of those instruments with your labs customers. 

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Customer's Control Their Assets

Your customers can see the status of their instruments as needed at any time day or night.  They can view or print their own recall reports on a regular basis to plan for upcoming calibration and maintenance events in advance.  No surprise instrument recalls at their in box that can conflict with project schedules. These features promote reduced phone calls back to your lab requesting needed information. Your customers do not need to know how MET/TRACK operates in order to use Metrology Xplorer 1, especially since Metrology Xplorer 1 provides view only access.

You Control System Access

You maintain total system access permissions for every user of  Metrology Xplorer. As the METEX administrator, you can alllow anyone within your organization to view data, or you can configure user log-on credentials and access levels.  If your instrument pool uses segregated data, you can assign which subsets of instruments a user is allowed to see.  Through the  provided admin screens you select which reports are made available for each client.

METDaemon Ready

The server component of Metrology Xplorer is responsible for connecting to the MET/TRACK database and formatting data sent to a browser based client.  To complete this fuction, data is sent through a web server component.  The web server can can be one you likely already have (Apache or IIS) or it can use METDaemon from OTS. By using METDaemon you get additional functionality including  viewing the Engineering Notes (Memo) fields.  Additional security functions can also be implemented including SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Metrology Xplorer uses a Web Browser as Client

Being browser based offers simplified deployment. There is no client program to install. All you need is a simple URL address to the MET/TRACK server - where the METEX server package is installed - to see status screens and select defined reports to run on your remote site.  There is no particular operating system requirement on the client machine either.  Any system capable of running a modern, standards based web browser can do the job.

High Speed and Reliable

Metrology Xporer 1 is designed from the start with speed and reliability in mind.  Very little bandwidth is transmitted over your network.  You'll find that data access and report generation is extremely fast.

Site Licensing

Metrology Xplorer 1 provides you with a site wide license to access MET/TRACK data.  This means that an unlimited number of your staff and customers can connect to the data repository instead of the more restrictive "Per User" license normally offered.


Metrology Explorer 1 allows you to maintain information security by limiting customer's access to only subsets of instruments they own or are responsible for. This functionality is only availble when user logins are implemented.  No fear that they can see any information on another customers assets.  In addition, you can limit which data fields thay can see on their query screens.  You maintain complete control through METEX administrator screens.

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Product Demo

Welcome to the Metrology Xplorer® Demonstration!
Please Read Carefully (You might want to print this page)

There are two Demonstrations available here.

Metrology Xplorer® 1 will allow you to view data and run reports. When you go to the demo there are two options, Reports and Search the Database. Our demonstration database has about 1000 assets and most of them have overdue items. However, there are calibration, location, and repair records to look at.

If you decide to search the database, try searching by typing in 87 into the Model field and click the submit button. Metrology Xplorer® will present you with a list of links or "TreeView" and these links will be associated to the appropriate type of record. Also try assets starting with Sample by typing in SAMPLE? in the asset search. Asset SAMPLE-VM2616 has actual results data, about 1000 tests. Try it out.

Metrology Xplorer® 1 Demonstration

 Metrology Xplorer® 1 Demonstration(Alternate Configuration)

Metrology Xplorer® 2 will allow you to Add and Edit data. It works just like MET/TRACK does. You must log into Metrology Xplorer® 2:

 Database: METBASE
 Log In: ots
 Password: ots

 In METEX2 if you decide to search the database, the wildcard characters to search are % and ?. They work the same way.

 Try this, make a change using METEX2 and then go look at that change using METEX1. Both applications are running on the same database.

 Remember, you can make changes to the databases, but they will be removed each night at 11PM Central time. We reset the database to a known copy. If you have any problems or questions about our demonstrations, please  Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

Note: If you demo Metrology Xplorer 2®, we recommend that you use the Firefox or Internet Explorer 7+ web browsers. Internet Explorer 6 is very slow. Firefox and Internet Explorer 7+ are about 8-10 times faster than IE6. IE7+ is only available for Windows XP and up. Windows 2000 will need to use Firefox. Let us know what you think.

One other thing: We have provided the common Fluke password for everyone to use. You should know that METEX2 has the additional capability to display a local desktop. So, if you change the settings, then someone using the "fluke" login may change them again. In the real world, each user login has their own customizable local settings.

Metrology Xplorer® 2 Demonstration