MET/TRACK Validation

MET/TRACK Database Validation is Here

Who Needs Database Validation?

There is a real need, for several major industries, to provide database validation to satisfy various government agency requirements. Food, Pharmaceutical, and Nuclear are just some of the industries that require a written test plan to verify the operation of the Asset Management Database. Another benefit of validating a database is making sure it works correctly. For example, security levels should be verified to eliminate unauthorized access or changes to your database. The Fluke MET/TRACK database contains information that ensures that your company's business is traceable to national standards.

The Problem

The two most common problems with creating a test plan is knowing all the areas of your system and knowing how to write the test plan properly. Modern databases are more flexible and changes can be made quickly to satisfy a new production requirement, or new report requirements. The problem with this flexibility is that after a database has been validated, any new changes to the structure of the database will require a new validation. Just changing a security level on a field can invalidate the system. For some this means that you only need to validate the changed format, but for others you will have to start all over. Plus, you really need to understand the database, how it is structured, and the intended use.

Validation Report

The Solution

As a Fluke Partner, On Time Support has worked with our customers for several years performing MET/TRACK Database Validations. We have developed the tools to accelerate the process and are now making our MET/TRACK database validation product available to our customers. The software analyzes your database configuration (including desktops) and develops a printed test plan based on the customization. A series of pass/fail questions are created for the database and then the test plan has instructions and can be manually validated against the database. Many tests can be quite lengthy and may require more than a day to perform but you have a written test plan. On Time Support will provide an onsite service technician along with our MET/TRACK Database Validation software for 5 days. The customer will be trained on the use of the software and interpreting the results. We will also customize the title page of the software to meet your company's validation format. After the 5 days are completed, the customer will be able to re-use the software in the future if the database has to be changed. Note: This software only works on version 7 MET/TRACK databases and is only provided with on site service.

Validation Report 2

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