Remote Pipeline®

Calibrate remotely then synchronize all data to a master MET/CAL station with Remote Pipeline®.

Ethernet SnakeRemote Pipeline® allows calibration lab supervisors/technicians to operate multiple workstations in remote locations where a continuous connection to a master server is difficult or impossible. A copy of the master database is replicated to the remote computer, thereby having the complete database to work with in remote conditions.

Remote Pipeline® is a conduit that enables each remote system to share or replicate data with a master, consolidated Fluke MET/CAL® database. Now Fluke MET/CAL Plus customers can simultaneously operate many MET/CAL, 5500/CAL, MET/TRACK®, Barcode Magician®, and PROCESS/TRACK® workstations to calibrate instrumentation, perform process calibrations, or inventory instrument locations.

Animated Pipeline

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Remote Pipeline® 1.2 Installation Program
For MET/BASE versions 7.1 to 8.0+

Remote Pipeline® 1.1.3 Installation Program
For MET/BASE versions 6.x and 7.x, UPDATED FOR 7.2


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