Tolerance Calculators

Chris Grachenan from Compaq Corporation has developed two products to help with Measurement Uncertainty. These programs can really assist the calibration laboratory manager to help determine uncertainty.

On Time Support does not support these applications, but makes them available for download. If you have technical problems or questions, please contact Chris Grachenan at:
Tolerance Calculator Version 4

Tolerance Calculator is a Windows compatible software program designed to perform calculations associated with the interpretation of equipment tolerances and other metrological functions such as test uncertainty ratios (TUR), accumulated uncertainties, consumers and producers risk, etc. Tolerance Calculator is intended to provide users with a 'bottom line' method for evaluating equipment specifications using the same nomenclature equipment manufacturers use when advertising their equipment capabilities, i.e. % of Range, parts per million (ppm) of Reading, % of Span, etc. This program was originally developed for department use at Compaq Computer Corporation, and Compaq Corporation is allowing this software to be distributed as FREEWARE.

Download the PDF file for more information on Tolerance Calc Version 4

Download the Tolerance Calculator Version 4 self extracting executable
Uncertainty Calculator 3.1 (UnCal3.1)

A Windows 2000 application, is a 'FREEWARE' software program developed to address uncertainties for commonly made measurements in a simple, straightforward manner; congruent with the basic guidelines contained within measurement uncertainty publications such as ISO 'Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement ', 1993, NIST Technical Note 1297, etc.

Download the PDF file for more information on Uncertainty Calc Version 3.2

Download the Uncertainty Calculator Version 3.2 self extracting executable